2 years ago I met David Lloyd (creator of the Loyd Climbing Blog) in Lander Wyoming during the International Climbers’ Festival. He took a group of us out to the Rock Shop where he had done some route development and introduced us to some of the great bouldering that Wyoming has to offer. Met some really nice folks. Some, I’ve had a chance to meet up with again and climb with at the Hueco Tanks (Chris Lesher and Terri Chomas Lesher) Back then he extended an invitation to come back out and join him on his week long bouldering expeditions that he does near the end of each summer. It wasn’t till now that I was actually able to make it happen. Camping and hiking in the back country of Wyoming while also getting to boulder and even join in some route cleaning and development sounded like the ideal vacation to me:-) Over the next several days I would like to share some stories and experiences we had including some great photos of the area as well. #wyomingbouldering #windriverrange #jasonkrusephotography


Part 2 of Wind River Range Bouldering Adventure 2016
The process of simply getting to our destination was an adventure on it’s own and a memorable part of this trip. #windriverrange #wyomingbouldering David LloydIMG_0523IMG_0355IMG_0550

Part 3: Wind River Range, Wyoming.
As the sun set on the Wind River Range, the moon came out. The skies intermittently opened up for a clear view of the milky way and the moon would become covered for a moment to grab a photograph. Sometimes thats what you have to work with and you make the best of it. David Lloyd and I made use of the night. Although there was a peaking of the meteor shower I did not see them this night. #windriverrange #wyomingbouldering #milkywayIMG_0493

Part 4: Wind River Range, Wyoming

Before this backcountry bouldering adventure could even start to unfold the “players” had to arrive. IMG_0586IMG_0579David made a short trip back to town to pick up the the rest of his family,,aka “crushers”. This is not their nickname but a name that without a doubt can very easily be attributed to his wife and older daughter. Also, a couple fellow boulderers from Lander,WY joined up late in the night, Chris and Alex. Earlier that previous day David and I had s scouted out some areas down in the Upper and Lower section of the canyon, placed some pads for the next days outing and got a general sense of the conditions. All we had to do now was food and water up and head down to the boulders and get to work:-) #windriverrange #wyomingbouldering

Part 5: Wind River Range Bouldering, Wyoming
Down towards where the Popo Agae River and the Sand Creek converge was our work place for the next couple days. The girls started their day off with some Yoga and a book, David Lloyd made his rounds getting pads from the previous days stashing. I started cleaning my first route. It sits just behind the Staples boulder. It was sent by Ashley and Sierra so it awaits their naming and grade. It was a tad too burly for me to finish clean that day. On the front side of the Staples boulder there were 3 obvious classic lines that were established. The day before David and I sent the left route (name uncertain). David worked the center route that day succeeding in piecing together the beginning moves.IMG_0682 IMG_0660With the psyche up a bit it this day maybe it could get sent. Both Alicia and Sierra sent the left route without much thought.IMG_0631 This became extremely clear to me that I was in the company of some very strong Wyoming climbers. David would intermittently come take the pad I was using so he could safely protect himself as he now had connected the beginning to second to the last move of his project. From beginning to end this route was aesthetic and strong but would not get finished on this trip. I am certain it will go down the next time he gets on it. ( AND IT DID PER HIS LATEST  FB POST) #windriverrange #wyomingbouldering #teamloyd #staplesbouder #crushers

Part 6: Wind River Range Bouldering Wyoming.
The relaxed and casual demeanor of these two gals during this trip caught me off guard a bit because when they finally started working projects their talent was quickly revealed. David Lloyd did illude to some tough sends that Ashley had done in the past and what her style of climbing was like but I really didn’t know what to expect with Sierra. The jury is in on these two. They are technically solid and precise climbers and they are amazingly strong. I was thinking of hybrids of Lynn Hill and Alex Puccio…just for comparison. Either way they are certainly great climbers in their own right. #TeamLoyd #wyomingbouldering #windriverrange #wyoming #bouldering

Part 7: Wind River Range Bouldering, Wyoming
Bouldering route development. My week in the Wind River Range with the local route developer David Lloyd was highlighted by the opportunity to scout, clean, and be the first to establish some routes hidden beneath the pine needle debri, lichen, and dirt that had been concealing it up until this trip. Setting in a gym and developing in the outdoors is similar in the sense that it is a very creative and functional endeavor. I achieve great enjoyment in doing both but they are VERY different. To unearth a line that mother nature created versus constructing a route from colored resins and plastic is satisfyingly different at personal level. I can only describe the difference as being more connected with the outdoors and nature. This may sound cliche but when you walk by a rock and feel that there is a line before you actually see it you immediately are removed from everything else going on around you…IMG_0858You imagine, you feel a flow or movement that COULD be, but is not quite actualized. You start brushing off lichen and sweeping away dirty and organic material that could be covering an edge or a pocket and soon the line appears. You tap the rock listening for hollow sounds that could be a dangerous flake waiting to explode off with the first pull. You are not making the line, you are revealing the line…You test it, you move through sequences hoping it plays out like it does in your imagination. Sometimes it doesn’t and you walk away from an hour of hard work and cleaning and start the whole process all over again. Sometimes the route breaks apart while forerunning it and it becomes too easy or impossible to climb. IMG_0887Mother nature rarely makes a contrived route. The fact that millions of years of erosion and other geological wonders created the rock that would later give us so much satisfaction while connecting you with something so much bigger than you could ever understand makes this sport so perfect. IMG_0844On the days that I developed routes I found myself getting still and quiet and reflective which enriched my whole experience out there. #windriverrange #wyomingbouldering #devilsmantle Climber: Sierra Loyd

Here is one of the routes I cleaned near Uncles Toms Cabin that is probably a V3: Devil’s Mantle
*located left and around corner of Uncle Toms Cabin..10 yards.


Part 9: Wind River Range Bouldering, Wyoming.
In the same corridor as Devil’s Mantle and directly across from it is another route I cleaned up and established. Both of these routes feature a stylish yet punctuating top out. Located in the Upper Kitchen just behind Uncle Toms Cabin. Climbers David Lloyd and Ashley Lloyd flashing Life Among the Lowly V3

David Loyd on Life Among the Lowly V3

Life Among the Lowly V3

Ashley Loyd on Life Among the Lowly V3

Ashley Loyd on Life Among the Lowly V3