Kansas Bouldering-coming soon:-)


Christopher Edwards​ and I discuss on every bouldering development trip some of the details and ethics surrounding what we are doing. We also discuss when and how to make ALL this new information available to our local bouldering community. We have traveled a 1000  miles and spent hundreds of dollars on gear for cleaning, camera supplies for each trip, food, gas, tolls, etc so we have an invested interested in doing this and doing it correctly. Since we are not in anyway shape or a form a mountainous state we have to research A LOT and review maps every day to suss out areas that could be a good place to start. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we find nothing or nothing worth developing. State parks and public land is where we try to focus our searches so that access is not an issue once we get going but some is on land that may be unspecified. For this reason we try to stay somewhat discreet in our descriptions and locations.

I think that by this Fall we will know what we are going to know and also have an opportunity to develop and get FA’s on enough routes to be able to then share with our fellow boulderers. We have a growing group of boulders in Kansas and we hope these area and future areas continue to get activity and further development by the rest of us. I am using this site to share our progress with you and even thought the summer and heat will slow things down a bit I am anticipating an awesome outdoor Fall /Winter Bouldering season for all of us.

Here are some potential boulders that we found that could be developed into at least a day trip at the Table Mound area of Elk City Lake. We decided to wait until Winter to dive into that project.



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