3/6/2017 Fall River Development Project: Series 4

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Christopher Edwards and I taking turns as we work through the beta of our latest project. This route is in the Big Bend Section. It is the most forward prominence of this band of  sandstone. It’s an amazing low, right to left traverse that finishes out at strong as it started. I am eager to stitch the ending in to the very sustain beginning and middle section.

During yesterdays route development Christopher Edwards​ pulled out the 1.4 to get some shots of me working #theproj on the Big Bend boulders. Not only do you have to be strong in the beginning but you have to be stronger on the finish move. I absolutely love this route and can’t wait to send it clean. Here is Chris in his glory sending our project from our last trip. Jessica Alba’s “Love Letters” V5+ #bouldering #kansasbouldering #kansasroutedevelopment Jason Kruse​

Taking a rest between thrashings on the new project on the Big Bend boulders

Latest Project starts standing with the large pocket above and to the right of the chalk and pad. The route traverses left with a finish after reaching the horizontal ledge to the far left. Topping out too far above is probably not safe.

Taking a rest between thrashing on the new proj

Christopher Edwards will not be denied his “Love Letters”. This project is no longer.