Anchor Building and Muti-Pitch Class 101

If you have ever wondered where did all these people from Kansas learn to climb, or better yet where did people from Kansas learn to safely engage in the sport of sport climbing, traditional gear placement, anchor building, and  multi pitch climbing then keep reading. For many years the Kansas Cliff Club has been the gateway for many local Kansas climbers to learn the basic skills to climb and even venture out into the real world and cut their teeth on real rock. Much of what I learned was taught to me by fellow climbers who took the time to show me technique and also educate me on the safety and risk associated with this sport. You can’t do this sport without both. Mentorship has been the mainstay of how this sport has been passed on to new climbers and it continues to be. The Kansas Cliff Club is  a COOP which functions as a club where everyone is a contributor to its success and its growth. It is not easy to get a membership. You must want to be a part of a tradition of learning and be willing to go through some small hurdles to become a full fledged member. This hard work doesn’t go unrewarded. Upon access you are taught general club safety and rules. You then must perform a series of skills based testing to get a certificate to belay. You are taught by officers as well as other members. It has been this way for years and it continues to work well growing safe, strong, and responsible climbers.

One member that has been extremely instrumental in sharing his knowledge, time, and resources is Shane Glazier. He is one of our local experts who graciously shares his knowledge with others who need help and guidance.

When Shane announced that he was holding a class on how to build anchors and teach aspects of multi pitch climbing with trad gear many of us signed up.  I strongly recommend joining the next one when he puts another class together.

This last week he put on a workshop on Anchor Building and Multi Pitch Climbing technique.  One cannot condense all of this information into just one day but he touched on and explained in detail many of the facets of anchor building, safety, and multi pitch technique. Here is the (very condensed) outline of his course.

  • Useful Knots and Hitches
  • Traditional Protection
  • Preparation
  • On Route
  • Building Anchors
  • Descent

Much of the audience were climbers with years of climbing experience. Some with multi pitch experience and some with none. Some have dabbled and some have taken it to the next level of actually buying a trad rack. Personally speaking I have a restlessness of not at least understanding other facets of my sport. This however is not just another chapter, its a whole other book.  At times I felt like a junior high school kid lost in algebra class. At other times  I felt I was lost completely. However, this was building on a foundation of prior knowledge and experience that I already had and it will continue to grow if my interest grows.  This is the essence of climbing at its roots.

As a member of the Kansas Cliff Club you can take Belay Classes, Lead Climbing training as well as learn from many climbers that get out on real rock  all the time. As need arises I’m sure these workshops will continue. This particular workshop was open to the public. Contact the club officers for information on additional courses and prices.


Find them on Facebook and arrange a time to check it out with a member or an officer.