2015: All MX Highlights

2/10/2017: Hueco Rock Rodeo. Hueco Tanks, TX

8/10/2016: Motoplayground/Ponca City MX Nationals. Ponca City, OK

7/16/2016: Great Plains Flat Track Series. Jeeps Motorcycle Club. Park City, Ks

6/11/2016: Thundervalley MX: South Central Regional  Loretta Lynn Qualifier. Lakewood, CO

6/5/2016: Ponca City MX: Oklahoma State Championship Series Round 4.  Ponca City, OK

4/16/2016: Reynard Raceway, South Central Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier, Wellston, OK

3/13/2016: Ark Valley Trials Association Observed Trials: Douglass, Ks

2/13/2016: 2016 Hueco Rock Rodeo, Hueco Tanks, TX

11/5/2015: Hueco Tanks. El Paso, Tx. Bouldering/Landscape Photography Retreat

10/25/2015: CKMS Round 12/ Border Battle (Kansas vs Oklahoma) Round 2 of 2: Bar 2 Bar MX, Wichita, Ks.

10/04/2015: CKMS Round 10: Green Acres MX, Marion, Ks

9/20/2015: KANSAS STATE BMX CHAMPIONSHIP. Emery Park BMX. Wichita, Ks 

8/22/2015: Jeeps MX Supercross and Park City Flat Track Race

8/9/2015: CKMS Bar 2 Bar MX , Wichita, Ks

8/1/2015: Ark Valley Trials Association: Observed Trials. Douglas,Ks

7/16/2015: Ponca City MX Nationals: Ponca City, OK

6/28/2015: Border Battle Round 1: Kansas Vs Oklahoma at Ponca City MX and OSCS: 

6/20/2015: Jeeps Motorcycle Club Supercross: Round 2

6/ 14/2015: CKMS Round 6: Green Acres MX, Marion Ks

5/16/2015-5/17/2015: Oak Ridge MX North Central Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier.  (Email me the image numbers of your complimentary digital downloads)

5/2/2015 – 05/3/2015:Ponca City MX Loretta Lynn’s South Central Area Qualifier. (Email me the image numbers of your complimentary digital downloads)

4/26/2015: CKMS Round 3: Prairie Harbor MX

4/21/2015: Kaiser Farm Moto Shoot.

3/27/2015-3/29/2015: North Central Area Loretta Lynn Qualifier @ Bar 2 Bar MX.  Wichita, KS.

3/27-3/29: North Central Area Loretta Lynn Qualifier ​HIGHLIGHTS

3/22/2015: CKMS Round 1 at Inman MX (Portfolios/Archive/Highlights)

3/16/2015: Live Fast Moto Shoot

3/8/2015: Bar 2 Bar Mx Practice Day

2/21/2015: AES/Data Aire Charted Sport Fishing Trip. Catalina Island, California

2/20/2015: Joshua Tree Bouldering, Hidden Valley, Outback, Manx Boulders

2/8/2015: Ark Valley Trials Association Observed Trials. Douglass, KS

2/8/2015: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Hare Scramble. Jeeps Motorcycle Club. Full Archive

1/2015:  Ark Valley Trials Association Practice Day

1/18/2015: Bar 2 Bar MX Practice Day

1/17/2015: Central Kansas Motocross Series/Park City SX Banquet


12 /2014: “12 Whips of Xmas” Promo Calendar Photos

12/28/2004: Jeeps Motorcycle Club Practice Day

12/26/2014: Bar 2 Bar Private Shoot

Live Fast Training Facility (Trumpower Track):  Photos

12/13/2014: Bar 2 Bar Toy Ride: Event Photos

11/24/2014: 47th Annual Turkey Run Hare Scramble @ Jeeps Motorcycle Club: INDIVIDUALS, Riders by Numbers, ATV, Behind the Scenes.

11/08/2014-11/09/2014: Best of the Midwest MX Championship @ Bar 2 Bar MX. INDIVIDUALS ,Riders by Numbers, Behind the Scenes, Flaggers

10/29/2014: Practice Day: Bar 2 Bar MX Individual Photos

10/29/2014: Bar 2 Bar Practice Day

10/19/2014: CKMS Round 11: Complete Photo Archive @Jeeps Motorcycle Club

10/19/2014: CKMS Round 11: Individual Photos@ Jeeps Motorcycle Club:

10/19/2014: CKMS Round 11HIGHLIGHTS: @Jeeps Motorcycle Club.. Park City, Kansas.

10/12/2014: 2nd Annual Border Battle Round 2: Bar 2 Bar Motocross: INDIVIDUAL Portfolios. Maize, Kansas

10/12/2014 :Prairie Fire Marathon: (MILE 9). 0-200,   201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000

10/3/2014-10/5/2014: Adventure Film Festival. Boulder Colorado

9/18/2014-9/22/2014: Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point, Big Bend bouldering shoot. Moab, Utah.

8/29/2014-9/1/2014:Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Labor Day Shoot

8/7/2014-8/11/2014: Psicobloc Competition: Olympic Park. Park City Utah

7/31/2014-8/2/2014: CRC/ASHRAE: Cowtown evening event. Wichita, Kansas

7/9/2014-7/13/2014: International Climbing Festival. Lander, Wyoming

6/17/2014-6/20/2014: Rock and Ice Photo Shoot. Ouray Colorado

5/23/2014-5/27/2014:Boulder Colorado Climbing Shoot

5/18/2014-5/21/2014:Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing

5/17/2014: Kansas Cliff Club Climbing Competition

5/2/2014-5/5/2014:  Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and Cowell, AR bouldering

5/2014: Avita Resident Directory