Kansas Adventure Athlete BLOG: 12/11/2016- Fall River Bouldering Development Project: Series 1

Fall River Bouldering Development Project-12/11/2016
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Another day at the office! 

Standing start that follows the featured rock to the top out. Be careful up top as you exit left to the large tree.

This is the furthest left of the Green Boulders in the Second clearing. The shiny top is patina.

The route below is […]

Kansas Adventure Athlete BLOG: 2/6/2017- Fall River Bouldering Development Project Series 2

2/6/2017 Route Development Fall River
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So Christopher and I decided to head out again to develop some more bouldering problems at the Fall River Boulders. I had to stock back up on wire brushes and brooms from Harbor Freight because they are not lasting more than one or two sessions with as […]

Kansas Adventure Athlete Blog: 2/26/2017-Fall River Bouldering Development Project: Series 3

2/26/2017 Fall River Bouldering Development Day
The 4 routes below are located near the “Jessica Alba” boulder.

Kansas Adventure Athlete Blog: 3/6/2017- Fall River Bouldering Development Project: Series 4

3/6/2017 Fall River Development Project: Series 4
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During yesterdays route development Christopher Edwards​ pulled out the 1.4 to get some shots of me working #theproj on the Big Bend boulders. Not only do you have to be strong in the beginning but you have to be stronger on the finish move. I […]

Kansas Adventure Athlete Blog: 3/20/2017-Fall River Bouldering Development Series: 5

3/20/2017 Fall River Bouldering Development Project: Series 5
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On the first day of spring Monte Graham and myself ventured out to the new development area to do several things. He had and interest in seeing the routes we have put up out here, and also  wanted  to see the quality of lines that […]

Kansas Adventure Athlete BLOG: Anchor Building and Multi-Pitch Workshop by Shane Glazier

Anchor Building and Muti-Pitch Class 101
If you have ever wondered where did all these people from Kansas learn to climb, or better yet where did people from Kansas learn to safely engage in the sport of sport climbing, traditional gear placement, anchor building, and  multi pitch climbing then keep reading. For many years the Kansas […]

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