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Show us your Garage Woody! Series #1
The first series of the “What’s in your back pack is “Show us your woody.”

So for those unfamiliar with the term, a woody has another meaning in the climbing community. It is a bouldering or climbing wall built out of plywood and 2X4’s or 2X6’s of varying angles with […]

The 5 most common questions I get from parents and riders of motocross events are:

1.  How do I order a Package?

Simply go to my Packages page and select between the Event Package and Highlight Package. Click ORDER and it will take you to the checkout. These orders need to be made before the race begins so that I know who I’m shooting during the race. PRE ORDERING is […]

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Kansas Adventure Athlete BLOG: Oklahoma Bouldering. Shotguns and Sandstone!–

Where do you go to find bouldering in Kansas? You don’t, you go to Oklahoma!


What started out as a weekend of bouldering in Zen Pen ended up turning into a day trip to a place referred to by the locals as “Shotgun”. The week before, the midwest had just had a deluge of rain  so […]

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Kansas Adventure Athlete BLOG: 3 Kansas Climbers vs HCR’s Crimp Scampi 5.10d…Finally we can mark it off our tick list!

Just say the name and it mysteriously causes your heart to speed up every so slightly, your palms to become sweaty, and an ever so faint feeling of uneasiness to set in the pit of your stomach. How this single route at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch has such an existential affect among a close group of […]

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